Editor, The Beacon:

I have watched too many Trump supporters disregard the empirical evidence that Trump repeatedly lied to them and used their grievances as a distraction from his grifting of America. They would rather call their eyes liars and their ears deceivers than acknowledge Trump’s foul deceptions. A remark often attributed to Mark Twain is “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

Now, after Trump has departed the Oval Office, replaced by a duly elected president, his big lie continues. It still reverberates in the hearts of many of his supporters. Yet, they have never gathered and presented any actual evidence of massive voter fraud or that Trump won by a landslide.

Let’s be clear and honest, if such evidence were made available to all Americans to see and judge, one would think it would be prominently displayed and easily accessible in multiple venues.

Where is this documented, verifiable hard evidence? Why has no entity put it together online, in a written document, or in any other coherent form that voters can easily grab?

Unless and until Trump supporters can provide national access to real evidence, they humiliate themselves and warrant these questions: Why are we in this handbasket, where are we going, and why is it getting so hot?

Bobby Brooks



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