Editor, The Beacon:

I must respectfully take issue with several points in Noah Hertz’s “High Frequency” column (Oct. 14-20) on the culture wars.

While I agree with the author’s desire for more attention to road improvement, infrastructure and overdevelopment, there are other crucial issues as well. Combating the toxic and destructive critical race theory (CRT) in our public schools is one of them.

As expounded by its most visible proponents, Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo, CRT is an outgrowth of Marxist doctrine that divides humanity into oppressors and the oppressed, but substitutes racial identity in place of the original bourgeoisie vs. proletariat construct.

Its essential premises are that all whites are privileged oppressors, all Blacks are oppressed, all public institutions are racist, assimilation of minorities into a common culture with whites is racist, one’s race or tribe is a person’s most important characteristic, and free market capitalism is the reason the poor are poor.

It is hard to imagine a more malignant and odious doctrine being taught as dogma to impressionable young minds in our multiracial democracy. Such racist tripe can only lead to resentment, distrust and hatred.

Every American should oppose CRT, and we must never relent in our quest to realize Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream that all people should be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

The writer also gratuitously claims that Gov. Ron DeSantis, in opposing mandates, is against “doing just about anything to combat the continued spread of COVID-19 in Florida.” As John McEnroe famously said to the chair umpire after a disputed call, “You cannot be serious!”

Our governor has been tireless and proactive in guiding us through this awful pandemic. Early on, he set up statewide COVID-only nursing homes (unlike New York and other states whose incompetent governors tragically sent patients back into the same homes), procured ventilators and personal protective equipment, and set up a highly efficient vaccination system and dozens of monoclonal antibody treatment centers, all the while keeping this state open for business to the greatest extent possible.

Gov. DeSantis has skillfully balanced the exigency of crafting reasonable public-health measures with the need to preserve economic survival and the basic civil liberties of a free people.

In so doing, he has achieved far better results in terms of per capita death rate (despite a large elderly population that is the most vulnerable to COVID) than many states that instituted oppressive lockdowns and freedom-crushing mandates. We’re lucky to have him.

John DiChiara



  1. This man is an idiot without the least awareness of what he’s writing about. He says, “…there are other crucial issues as well. Combating the toxic and destructive critical race theory (CRT) in our public schools is one of them.”

    The idiot has no understanding, nor the willingness to try to understand, what CRT is, or that it is not taught in public schools! He is an acolyte of the intentional effort to corrupt our government and society/culture with false conspiracy theories to the benefit of corrupt politicians who are simply greedy for power and the perks/benefits that come with it; all they have to do is disregard their sworn oath of office and forsake their civic duty, which appears awfully easy for many of them to do.


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