ADOBE STOCK PHOTO The man in this edition of Off the Beat tried to steal a cash register and not a comically large sack of money, but there aren't a lot of stock photos of men stealing cash registers.

A little before 8 p.m. Oct. 8, a man about 6 feet tall, in his mid-20s to early 30s, walked into a pizza restaurant in DeLand and placed an order. “[The man] then reached around the [cash] register and pulled it towards him and ran out of the door,” carrying the register.

That took a lot of gall, didn’t it?

But how hard could it be to locate a guy running around carrying a cash register?

A DeLand police officer drove a short distance on the street where Brazen Bandit supposedly ran, but he didn’t see the perpetrator.

Back at the restaurant, he checked for fingerprints on the door through which Brazen Bandit exited, but didn’t find any.

The register contained, at minimum, about $200.

Sadly, the restaurant has no surveillance cameras, so the police have little to go on (since Brazen Bandit probably had the good sense to take the cash and drop the register somewhere).

But here’s a tip for area businesses that use a good old-fashioned cash register: NAIL THE DARN THING DOWN!

— By Keith Allen, based on local police-agency reports. If you have information about a crime, call Crime Stoppers, 1-888-277- TIPS. You could be eligible for a reward.


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