Editor, The Beacon:

Shame on you, Beacon! I understand your responsibility to provide a forum for citizens to air their grievances and opinions. It is why I have had so much of my writing published in your paper.

But, you should not publish blatant lies and misinformation like those put forth in a recent letter.

This level of ignorant vitriol is responsible for much of the hate and division that are so rampant in this country today.

“Critical Race Theory” is not being taught in our public schools. Period, full stop! It’s possible it is being taught in one of the 11 schools in our state that have the words “______ University Law School” in their name.

“Critical Race Theory” is a post-master’s, doctoral-level course that is taught only in the last year of law school in a limited number of specialized areas of law.

It is taught only to people who have advanced critical-thinking skills and the ability to understand complex and contradictory information at a depth below the superficial.

“Critical Race Theory” is no more being taught in our public schools than are “Applied Mathematics: Variational Methods/Perturbation Theory” or “Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics and Molecular Simulation,” which are doctoral-level courses in other disciplines.

As for defending the actions of Gov. DeathSentence during the pandemic, Florida ranks at or near the bottom of virtually any category one cares to evaluate in our response to the disease.

So, please, Beacon, continue to be The Beacon of truth and diversity of opinion you have always been. Don’t participate in the lies and misinformation being used to mislead and divide us.

Russ White

Orange City


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