Editor, The Beacon:

It’s taxation without representation.

Florida rents are going up — 10 percent. Call your reps as soon as possible to stop the insanity.

The Florida Legislature has bent to big-box lobbyists seeking to squash small business … now comes a draconian 9.5-percent property-tax hike in Volusia County without citizen approval, which will drive small businesses down because they have no homestead or Save Our Homes protection. Taxation without representation. Big business will benefit by getting all the business.

Higher property taxes kill jobs as well — yep, unfortunates will pay higher and higher until only the rich and big boxes/corporations can live here: Aka higher property taxes drive out renters and small businesses, which only helps big biz @GovRonDeSantis. Property owners lose too because of unpaid rent/evictions.

Or, maybe, because of critical race theory and highhanded school boards, we should just not pay the portion of the property tax that goes to public schools and use the money to pay for our own private schools; i.e., like the good old neighborhood school just around the corner.

If all property owners act together as a quasi union, what could the tyranny-purveying taxaholics do?

Jeff AxTax Davis



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