The Dec. 7 annual enrollment period may have passed, but Wilson Perez Jr. with Lasting Legacy & Health can help you with your insurance plan options all year long!

“I work year-round,” said Wilson. “I can get you into the plan that you need any time of the year. There’s no need to wait for the annual enrollment period, or to be stressed that you missed it; I can help you right now.”

A licensed insurance broker since 2015, Wilson is helping Central Floridians find the best Medicare plan for their needs. “I actually sit down with each of my clients and find out what they need,” said Wilson. “I find out their situation, learn about who their doctors are, what medications they have, and then I go to bat for them. I look at each company and all of the plans that each company offers, and I find which is going to be the best plan for them.”

While most big-name insurance agencies sell only one thing, Wilson has contracts with almost every Medicare company available so he can get his clients the best plan possible. “You want Cigna, you want Humana, you want WellCare, that’s great, I’ve got it and I can give it to you,” said Wilson. “I don’t have any incentive to promote one company over another; I just want to make sure that it’s the right plan for you.”

With his attention focussed mainly on senior citizens, Wilson strives to work with those who need the most help. “Most seniors fall into a situation where they are still in the same plan they chose when they first turned 65, and it’s no longer the best plan for them,” said Wilson. “They don’t realize that they could be saving $5,000, $10,000 or even $15,000 every year, and there are even plans out there that offer cash back.”

Wilson primarily meets with customers in their home, where they feel most comfortable. “I like doing business in person,” said Wilson. “Most seniors are more comfortable when they’re at home; they have all of their necessary paperwork already there, and I don’t mind making the trip. But I’m also available over the phone or via video call as well.”

In addition to health insurance, Wilson also helps his clients with life insurance, and annuities, as well as ancillary products such as dental, vision and hearing.

To learn more about what Lasting Legacy & Health can do for you, call 407-557-6060 or email




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