A DeBary Husband was sleeping at 5 a.m. Dec. 1 when the little woman (a 5-foot-2 almost-middle-aged lady who is married to DeBary Husband) walked into the bedroom and started quarreling with him.

She “immediately unplugged the Internet modem cable to stop the recording of surveillance cameras that [DeBary Husband] had in the bedroom.” (Makes you wonder why he felt he needed to document what might happen there.)

DeBary Wife walked to the side of the bed and started shouting at her beloved. DeBary Husband said DeBary Wife “hit [him] several times as she yelled at him.”

According to DeBary Husband, DeBary Wife “then took a laptop bag with a laptop in it and threw it at [DeBary Husband,] striking him while he [lay] in bed. [She] continued to yell and push/shove [Hubby] while he was in bed.”

DeBary Husband would later tell a Volusia County sheriff’s deputy that he filed for divorce later that day (after only six months of marriage) and that DeBary Wife “has been insecure about herself and [DeBary Husband,] leading to multiple arguments.”

After the bedroom altercation early in the day, DeBary Husband went to his place of employment. “While leaving his workplace, [he] observed [his wife] enter his workplace parking lot and followed him to Sanford.”

In Sanford, DeBary Wife “cut [her husband] off in the middle of the travel lanes with her vehicle, exited her car, and began punching” the driver’s side window of Hubby’s car, and also tried to open his door.

Sanford police got word of the couple’s conflict and told both of them to go back to DeBary “to address the aforementioned physical altercation.”

By the way, in addition to all the violence, DeBary Wife’s driver’s license had previously been suspended, so she had to seek a ride home.

When DeBary Wife was back at the couple’s residence the next day, she told a Volusia County deputy that she had gone to a steakhouse Dec. 1 and found DeBary Husband there with another woman. DeBary Wife told the deputy she followed her husband, hoping to talk to him, but he wouldn’t speak with her.

DeBary Wife “further advised that she was never in an argument with [her spouse] or ever struck him against his will, and only wanted to give him a hug.” (It’s scary to think what kind of hug this woman might give you when she’s angry!)

Anyway, based on DeBary Husband’s statement to a sheriff’s deputy and on video-surveillance footage he showed the lawman, DeBary Wife was arrested on a charge of domestic violence battery.

And I’m still curious as to why DeBary Husband felt he had to have video surveillance in the bedroom.

— By Keith Allen, based on local police-agency reports. If you have information about a crime, call Crime Stoppers, 1-888-277-TIPS. You could be eligible for a reward.


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