DeLand’s newest market, the Spring Garden Farm Market, has something for everyone!

From locally grown fruits and vegetables, plants, and arts and crafts, to honey, food trucks, as well as ample space for potential vendors, the Spring Garden Farm Market, is quickly becoming the place to be every Saturday and Sunday.

“I really just wanted to bring something great to DeLand,” said Market Manager Heather Hefner. “I wanted to build a community where we can rely on one another, a place where we can get to know our neighbors and feel that this is our community market.”

Opened in September 2021, the Spring Garden Farm Market has been a labor of love for Heather and her family. “What started as a retirement plan for my father has quickly grown into a community,” said Heather. “We have some amazing families that vend here, and the people who come here love it; they’re happy that we’ve brought this to DeLand.”

While DeLand has a few other markets in town, the Spring Garden Farm Market has definitely set itself apart. “Our market is not the Artisan Alley farmers market, and it’s not the fairgrounds flea market; it’s something in-between,” said Heather. “We allow people with MLM businesses, CBD, boutiques, and resale items. We’re trying to give everybody an opportunity; even if you’re an insurance agent or a Realtor and just want to come advertise your business, we allow that too.”

With spaces for more than 80 vendors, the Spring Garden Farm Market is currently looking for farmers, bakers, crafters, and other small businesses to become vendors at the market. Spots range from $20 for an outside location to $25 for a spot under their pavilion; they also have a center area for gardeners. “We really want to give everybody an opportunity to have a really beautiful place to come sell their products and promote their business,” said Heather.

In addition to being a great spot to pick up some locally grown produce, the Spring Garden Farm Market is also an amazing place to give back to the community. “We recently partnered with The Neighborhood Center to hold a food and toy drive for the holidays,” said Heather. “And we’re hoping to have the Girls and Boy Scouts as well as animal rescues come out to the market. I’m just trying to learn where the community has needs and see how we can help.”

The Spring Garden Farm Market is located in DeLand at 880 N. Spring Garden Ave. They recently updated their hours to 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Saturday, and 10 a.m.–6 p.m. Sunday.

To learn more about Spring Garden Farm Market or to become a vendor, visit, follow them on Facebook and Instagram @springgardenfarmmarket, email, or call 470-233-0235.





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