BEACON FILE PHOTO GETS A BOOST — The African American Museum of the Arts is at 325 S. Clara Ave. in DeLand.

Florida Humanities, the statewide nonprofit affiliate of the National Endowment for t he Humanities, has awarded African American Museum of the Arts Inc. a $3,500 grant for general operating costs to help recover from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These funds will help the DeLand-based museum adapt to current circumstances and ensure long-term viability by helping with staffing needs, technology purchases, and the museum’s continually increasing operation costs.

More importantly, these funds wi l l ensure the African American Museum is able to maintain its community presence and provide free services and resources to the underserved community in DeLand.

“Due to COVID, we closed for nearly a year and were unable to host our in-person events and had to cancel or postpone many of our public programs,” said Mary Allen, executive director of the African American Museum of the Arts Inc.

She added, “This severely impacted our ability to reach an already underserved and overlooked audience.”


  1. I’m very happy to learn this. It’s a wonderful museum that, among other things, holds a work of art of a good friend of mine, Romaine Redd. For several years Romaine and I shared Art classes taught by the late Brenda Star (Gunderson.) I hope this grant enables the Museum to continue its mission.


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