An open letter to members of the Volusia County Council:

Pursuant to Volusia County Home Rule Charter Section 102, Rights and Powers of Local Self Government; Section 202.2 (3)(b) — noise pollution unnecessarily harmful and injurious to citizens of Volusia County; and Sec. 202.4 — to protect the public health, safety and welfare of citizens of Volusia County, the full Council should vote in a regulation by county ordinance restrictive standards, procedures and authority to fine offenders ($250 per offense) and any other relief under State and Local laws, will allow and be enforced.

Fireworks — According to the Sheriff ’s Department, common fireworks such as firecrackers and Roman candles are allowed uses on July Fourth eve and day, and New Year’s Eve and Day till 12:01 a.m. (should change to 9:30 p.m. on Jan. 1, and the day of July 4).

Most people tolerate this noise for celebration; however, each year the loud (and dangerous) percussion bombs get stronger and louder, rattle windows, keep people up for days, cause loss of sleep, cause loss of daily function and work days after; dogs howl, babies cry, the disabled suffer, and combat vets with PTSD also suffer harm.

The use of these firework bombs should be banned as harmful, injurious to the public.

Motorcycle mufflers that are excessively loud and not necessary cause similar injury as firework bombs. Moderate noise by responsible bikers as necessary to alert automobiles of their presence is tolerated. Big boys with toys should not be allowed to disturb neighborhoods and the public of Volusia County.

Please vote to ban both nuisances.

Please respond to my letter.

John Casaburro



  1. Florida Statute 316.293 regulates vehicle noise and prohibits modification of noise abatement devices. Who enforces it? No one.


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