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The Basics: 

Always check for the state license, general liability insurance for roofing, and workers’ compensation coverage. All of these must be current to apply for a roof permit with any city and county. Do NOT get your roof done without a permit. Permits exist to protect the homeowner.  The roofing company should handle all permitting and inspections.  

Next Steps:

 Find a company that is part of your community! Not only will you be giving back, but the employees are very familiar with the area.

Check out Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, and Better Business Bureau Reviews. This is a social media age, and it is all free! Helpful hint: If you plan to post and ask for advice on the Neighborhood App or Facebook, make sure those who recommend a roofing company have actually used that company. Many people recommend friends, which is great, but they may not know the quality of work.

Stop and ask other homeowners who are getting their roof done and see how they like the company installing it.

Questions to Ask:

  Will the roofing contractor be involved in the process? With Beery Roofing & Redesign, Sean Beery is our state license holder. He is part of the entire process, from start to finish. We only have one hardworking and dedicated crew. We keep it small so that you get the best customer service!

  Is there open and timely communication? We take pride in how quickly we return calls from the initial contact all the way through, even after the job is done! Sean and Brenda Beery both speak and text customers when needed.

  Are quality products being installed? We, at Beery Roofing, only believe in “peel and stick” self-adhering underlayment.  This is the most important part of any roof. We also only install the top three shingle brands: Owens Corning, GAF, and CertainTeed.

  Is the company offering to install a new roof over your old one? Even though the State of Florida allows two layers on a home, we refuse to do it. We know that unless the wood underneath is exposed, we have no idea if there is rot, damage, or holes. The two-layer application can also void warranties on new shingles.

  What is the timeline, and how much money is needed upfront? At Beery Roofing, we complete 95% of our residential roofs in 1 day. We only ask for a small, good faith deposit upfront to cover the permit and to tell us you are committed. We ask for nothing more until the roof is done and you are satisfied. If companies are asking for 50% or more upfront, that should make you wonder why.

To learn more about Beery Roofing & Redesign, or to schedule an estimate, give us a call at 386-717-1394 or visit




  1. Called them because I have had a hard time finding reliable people, and they had high recommendations, but they are unable to do red tile roofs at this time.


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