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PHOTO COURTESY CITY OF DELAND FIRE DOG — Pictured here in the driver’s seat of a fire engine, Henry “Hank” DeLand was officially brought home to the station Feb. 15. The dog made his first appearance at the ribbon-cutting event for the new Fire Station 81 Jan. 15. DeLand Animal Control Officer Jennie Fiore, who brought the stray to the city kennel, was surprised when she got a call from Fire Chief Todd Allen asking about the pup. “I thought he was going to adopt him as a personal pet,” she said. “I’m happy he got adopted and is living a good life as a firefighter now."

The DeLand Fire Department recently took in a new furry, firefighting friend. Named for City of DeLand founder Henry DeLand, “Hank” the pup is the Fire Department’s new mascot and live-in buddy.

The small, beagle-like pup made his first appearance at the grand opening of the DeLand Fire Department’s new Fire Station 81. While city officials were cutting ribbons and marking the official opening of the new fire station, a stray dog traipsed right up to the fire station like he owned the place.

And while he may not own the place, he at least lives there now.

After his appearance at the ribbon-cutting Jan. 15, Hank was taken to the animal-control kennel by DeLand Animal Control Officer Jennie Fiore. After all that, DeLand Community Information Specialist Ava Hanner didn’t anticipate her offhand suggestion to Fire Chief Todd Allen that they adopt the dog would go anywhere.

PHOTO-BOMBING — City of DeLand officials came together Jan. 15 to mark the grand opening of the new Fire Station 81 at 343 W. Howry Ave., the DeLand Fire Department’s new base of operations. City officials, from left, City Commissioner Kevin Reid, Fire Chief Todd Allen, Mayor Bob Apgar, City Manager Michael Pleus and City Commissioners Jessica Davis and Chris Cloudman were joined by a spunky stray dog who strolled right up to the ribbon-cutting. The charismatic little dog left such a mark on the fire chief that he decided to adopt him.

“I made the call to Animal Control the week following our grand opening/ribbon-cutting here at Fire Station 81,” Allen told The Beacon. “After speaking with Animal Control regarding the dog’s demeanor, it became clear that this may be a good fit.”

Hank was not microchipped, nor was there any indication that he had an owner. After spending 30 days at the shelter, the Fire Department brought him to his new home at the new Fire Station 81.

“Henry has been well-received by the firefighters, and the firefighters are very excited to have him around,” Allen said. “With our firefighters living at the fire station 24 hours at a time, it brings a sense of home, and is therapeutic for our personnel.”

And even though he was just adopted Feb. 15, Hank has already turned the Fire Station into his home.

TAKING SOME TIME OFF — Fire dog Henry “Hank” DeLand takes a rest in one of his various beds scattered around DeLand’s Fire Station 81.

“He spends most of the day upstairs in the day room where the firefighters mostly spend time throughout the day when they aren’t on calls,” Hanner said. “He already has a few beds around the station for him to rest both upstairs and downstairs, but at night he will sleep upstairs in his crate near where the firefighter bunkrooms are so they can check on him at night if they need to.”

Hank is mild-mannered and sweet and likes to play with the “great deal” of toys he’s been given by the Fire Department, Hanner added.

The city’s new fire dog will join the Fire Department on trips to schools and in local parades.

Fees for the dog will come out of the Fire Department’s budget, Hanner said, but if you ask Chief Allen, it’s a small price to pay for the station’s newest firefighter and mascot.

“From the streets to a fire dog, Henry is a lucky dog,” Allen said. “It would make a good illustrated children’s book!”


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