Downtown DeLand drone shot
PHOTO BY FLYING CAT DRONEWORKS/ANTHONY DeFEO VIEW FROM ABOVE — This photo, taken with a drone, shows Indiana Avenue in Downtown DeLand, looking west. Many landmarks can be seen, including the Historic Volusia County Courthouse, Volusia County’s Thomas C. Kelly Administration Center, blocks of commercial buildings, and, of course, the historic Athens Theatre at the far end of Indiana Avenue.

The DeLand City Commission will discuss a resolution signaling a desire to slow the city’s residential growth, as well as other topics, at its regular meeting Monday, March 21.

One hot topic on the City Commission agenda is a resolution stating the city’s intention to not approve annexations of property into the city “when the purpose of the annexation is to amend the future land use designation and zoning for the purpose of allowing for the development of significantly denser detached single family residential structures; …”

The resolution was called for by Mayor Bob Apgar at the City Commission’s last regular meeting March 7.

“What I think this would do is at least afford our staff the opportunity to catch their breaths; to do some catching up, and during the same period of time, to have individual discussions with members of the commission about concern,” Apgar said March 7. “And, at some point in the future … to then bring to the City Commission a range of options that might satisfy some of the ongoing concerns about land-use designation, the zoning process, all of the things we’ve all agonized over for the last over-a-year …”

The proposed resolution notes that the period of time the commission will discourage residential annexations of this kind will be “short but indeterminate.” This could change following discussion of the ordinance during the upcoming City Commission meeting. 

Other topics on the City Commission agenda include the second reading of an ordinance that would crack down on the outdoor tethering of animals. The ordinance would prohibit tethering an animal to a post or other object outdoors unless the owner could prove the tether was not harming the animal, among other requirements.

The DeLand City Commission will discuss these topics and more beginning at 7 p.m. Monday, March 21, in the City Commission Chambers at DeLand City Hall, 120 S. Florida Ave. 

All DeLand City Commission meetings are open to the public. Meetings are also broadcast live on the city’s website, HERE.


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