johnny rotten's tobacco shop

Johnny Rotten’s Tobacco & Smoking Accessories is Volusia County’s only roll-your-own cigarette shop.

“Our cigarettes are definitely our bestseller,” said owner Katie Del Buono. “There is no other machine like this in Volusia County.”

Featuring a cigarette-rolling machine, Johnny Rotten’s staff weigh out the tobacco and tubes, and the customer loads them into the machine. “The machine makes a full carton of cigarettes in about eight minutes,” said Katie. “They get a full 200 cigarettes for only $30 rather than the $50-$70 they would be paying at other places, and ours is fresh!”

With most smoke shops selling prepackaged cigarettes, Johnny Rotten’s fresh tobacco stands out. “We have six different types of tobacco, and a lot of our customers like to create their own blends.”

In business for more than eight years, Johnny Rotten’s Tobacco & Smoking Accessories was purchased by Katie in 2019. They were previously at a different location in Orange City and moved to their current store last February. “I gravitated to what I knew when I bought this business,” said Katie. “I can sell this stuff all day, because I know it. I’ve used most of it and can easily answer most of my customers’ questions.”

In addition to their cigarettes, Johnny Rotten’s Tobacco & Smoking Accessories also sells loose tobacco for people who roll at home, as well as glass pipes, water pipes, cigarette cases, smoking accessories, e-cigarettes, vape products, CBD, Delta-8 and Kratom. “Kratom is an herbal pain reliever,” said Katie. “We have it in a pill or powder form, and it works great, it’s nonaddictive, and doesn’t have any side effects.”

Johnny Rotten’s Tobacco & Smoking Accessories offers first-time customers a discount on their first carton of cigarettes, selling them for only $19.99 and then $30 thereafter. They will also be doing a 4/20 sale, offering customers 20% off on that day.

Johnny Rotten’s Tobacco & Smoking Accessories is located at 2540 N. Volusia Ave. in Orange City. They are open 11 a.m.–6 p.m. Monday–Thursday, and 10 a.m.–7 p.m. Friday and Saturday. 

For more information about Johnny Rotten’s, follow them on Facebook @johnnyrottenstobacco or call 386-218-6273.



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