Matt Buth
PHOTO COURTESY MARY BUTH ‘EVERYONE KNEW HIM’ — Pictured is Matt Buth, a DeLandite who was well-known in the Downtown DeLand area and DeLand music scene. Buth died by suicide in 2019, but his legacy will live on through college scholarships awarded to local music students.

The Matt Buth Jazz Festival, an outdoor day of music dedicated to a DeLand musician who died by suicide, has been canceled.

A series of scheduling conflicts saw many of the acts unable to perform, Matt Buth Foundation President and jazz festival organizer Becky Adesso said.

“All the bands were committed elsewhere and couldn’t do the event,” she said.

The jazz festival, originally scheduled for May 7, was within weeks of the Lakeside Jazz Festival in Port Orange, which many of the school groups scheduled to perform at the Matt Buth Jazz Festival also attended, DeLandapalooza and The Neighborhood Center of West Volusia’s Rock’n Hearts for the Homeless concert event.

“We were so excited that I think we leaped before really looking at the timing,” Adesso told The Beacon. “This is a bitter pill to swallow, but a good lesson in planning and scheduling.”

Rather than rescheduled, the festival has been fully canceled and Adesso said the Matt Buth Foundation hopes to start fresh next school year.

Two types of tickets were sold for the event — event entry tickets and raffle tickets. Event tickets can be refunded by contacting Adesso by email at, or by sending a message to the Matt Buth Foundation Facebook page, HERE.

Raffle tickets will still be valid, and the Matt Buth Foundation will hold the raffle for the electric guitar signed by Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler virtually. More information about the virtual raffle will be available soon.


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