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Editor, The Beacon:

There is nothing more pernicious and damaging to the cultural fabric in these states of disunity than the self-righteous Christian: a self-serving contemptuous blowhard, and duplicitous purveyor of lies and misleading falsehoods.

These pro-life people are hypocrites. A fetus is not a life. Full stop. A fetus is, no doubt, the potential life but it is not a life.

Look in orphanages, community pantries, abandoned buildings, bus stops, public schools, Section 8 communities, and you will see a life.

Can you spare me your cowardly advocacy? Are you sure you cannot find other young lives to salvage, lives that are often cut tragically short because of neglect, oppression, exploitation or abuse?

Have we forgotten about the sex-trafficked children or those abused at the hands of priests and ministers? Or are you one of these people that loves their pet more than humans? No financial responsibility, but all the desire to butt in.

If the state is going to force a woman to have a child, then the state should be financially liable for that fetus and subsequent child throughout the child’s life, beginning with the arbitrary 15-week rule: full medical coverage, dietary expenses, nursery expenses, the whole kit and caboodle or they could settle with the mother for a quarter-of-a-million dollars.

Does that sound preposterous? Try forcing a decision on a woman to make her have a baby. A mask was bad?

If you support ending abortion, you should be ashamed of the shortsighted moral scope that you have been groomed into and have failed to develop.

The audacity to believe in the right to interfere with a woman’s medical choice is barbaric, cynical, patriarchal and indefensible. Wake up and join the ranks of humanity.

Robert Wilson



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