Editor, The Beacon:

I have received no replies.

To update readers: Several weeks ago in The Beacon, I posted a letter to the editor asking for information from anyone with firsthand knowledge of sexuality indoctrination or pedophilia grooming in the classrooms of our public schools.

I have received no replies. I am not surprised.

Because I volunteer in a public-school kindergarten class, I see firsthand the overwhelming dedication and hard work of our local teachers. The insane accusations from legislators don’t match the facts.

Let’s call this “Parental Rights” legislation what it is: a shameless con. Legislators (rather, people who have been elected for the purpose of legislating but who actually put most of their efforts elsewhere instead) are whipping up fears about a nonexistent problem for the purpose of staying in power.

Shame on them. Shame on us if we continue to enable them by voting for them.

Bobbi Baugh



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