new fire station mural
PHOTO COURTESY CITY OF DELAND NEW ART — Pictured is a concept image of the new mural planned at the new Fire Station 81 at 343 W. Howry Ave. in DeLand. The new mural will be painted by DeLand artist Kelly Canova, just as the old mural it is replacing was.

The recently opened DeLand Fire Station 81 wouldn’t be complete without a mural.

A miniature mural, which will depict a firefighter and the DeLand Fire Department’s new pet and mascot Hank, was approved by the DeLand Public Mural Art Committee May 23. 

The new mini mural will replicate a mini mural that was painted on the old Fire Station 81, at 201 W. Howry Ave., as part of the Museum of Art – DeLand’s miniature mural program.

“One of the miniature art pieces was painted on the back steps of the old building, and it will soon be demolished,” Mural Committee Member John Wilton said. “We have commissioned Kelly Canova to paint another miniature art piece on the new firehouse property.”

SAY GOODBYE — Pictured is the original mini mural the newly approved mural will replace. The old fire station at 201 W. Howry Ave. will be demolished, along with the mural, and replaced with a parking lot.

Wilton, who was a part of the original miniature art program, brought the application for the new mural to the Public Mural Art Committee, stepping down from the dais to present to his fellow committee members. 

The inclusion of the city’s new pet firefighter, Hank, Wilton noted, was specifically requested by the Fire Department.

“They were very insistent on including their new friend, Henry, or Hank, as he’s called,” he said.

The mural was approved unanimously by the present members of the Mural Committee, excluding Wilton: Chair Bobbi Baugh, Anslee Holland and Erica Group.

Work on the new mural is expected to begin soon by Canova, who also painted the original mural.


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