Editor’s note: This letter is addressed to the author of a recent letter to the editor.

Editor, The Beacon:

Mr. DiChiara! I don’t believe that racism is inherent. I do believe it’s socialized at an early age. I know it’s reinforced, almost automatically, during hiring time. I’ve seen it employed in almost every aspect of American life. And, it seems that its greatest impetus came from our government.

Today, you take the time to tell us what a great place America is. It certainly allowed me to live comfortably! But you don’t take issue with a governor who is actively trying to suppress the votes of taxpaying Black Americans.

Our South was built on the backs of slave labor. Until the immigrant mobs took our jobs and threatened employers, we were the workmen in the North.

Out of those experiences came the idea of inferiority because of servitude, and “last hired, first fired.” This discrimination has been nationwide for 90 years, at least. So, how long does it take for something to become a “defining trait”?

Moving voting machines out of Black neighborhoods in 2022 is a denial of peoples’ constitutional rights. Hiring Election Day cops to intimidate voters? Because you don’t raise your voice in outrage, shouldn’t these acts be deemed defining behaviors? And why aren’t Floridians “… [fighting] harder to eliminate [them]”?

Could it be because your ox is not being gored? Could it be because you believe constitutional rights are only for certain people?

Or could it be that you think that constitutional rights can be removed if not used as you’d like?

So, please explain how this country has fought harder to eliminate racism. Just use the past four years as an example. The director of the FBI and the Southern Poverty Law Center both say that racism has increased and hate groups proliferated in the past four years. Please explain how our government is fighting to combat it.

Your letter to the editor in the May 19-25 Beacon seems little more than an apologia for a law designed to stultify kids, handicap teachers and cloak racism.

By the way, would you please tell us where you got the numbers of immigrants from Haiti and Nigeria? I haven’t been able to locate them.

Julius C. Bennett



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