Editor, The Beacon:

To Senators Rubio and Scott and Congressman Michael Waltz:

Just wanted to congratulate you and your Republican colleagues for helping to reduce America’s surplus population problem. Nineteen dead kids and counting and, oh yeah, a couple of dead schoolteachers. But, what the hell, they were probably teaching CRT and so they probably deserved to die.

Pardon my sarcasm. The slaughter may have happened in Texas, but you pulled the trigger. You and every one of your complicit Republican colleagues who drop to their knees and kiss the ass of the NRA. A little indelicate? Really? What’s more indelicate than dead kids?

So … what’s the Republican lament gonna be this time, cowardly silence or good ol’ thoughts and prayers?

What’s the congressman from the 6th gonna offer his constituents when they send their kids off to school? Bet it’s not gonna be sensible gun-control legislation … few of you have the moral fiber, the political will or, frankly, the stones to pull it off in spite of a near-90-percent outcry for somebody to do something. Anything!

Folks on your side love to scream about the sanctity of life … but you don’t really mean it. It’s just a campaign slogan.

So American women will, as a matter of course, keep having babies.

But sadly, because of your policies and lack of action, nine or 10 years down the road, some psychopath who shouldn’t have a gun will use those innocents for target practice.

And that’s on you.

Jack Wrightington



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