debary dino
PHOTO COURTESY CITY OF DEBARY GO, DINO, GO! — The DeBary dino has been hoisted onto a truck and is ready to ride.

The DeBary dinosaur, a roadside favorite of West Volusians, was relocated to its new home at DeBary’s Community Park Monday, June 13.

Around 10 years ago, Clayton & Sons Auto Salvage co-owner Rodney Beaulieu found the dino at a North Florida scrapyard, and, since then, the dinosaur has stood resolute outside the salvage yard, complete with seasonal décor, greeting drivers along

RAWR! — Orange City Fire Chief Ronnie Long and his wife, Amy Long, give their best cretaceous face with the newly moved DeBary dinosaur.

the DeBary leg of U.S. Highway 17-92.

Now, after 50 years in business, the Beaulieu family has sold their auto salvage business and donated the dinosaur to the City of DeBary.

“After close to 50 years in business in DeBary, we’re happy to donate it so they don’t forget us,” former co-owner Ronald Beaulieu told The Beacon. “That’s probably what Ms. Alice Beaulieu would have wanted: To keep his legacy alive, making adults and kids smile.”

The heavy metal reptile was loaded onto a trailer Monday, June 13, and trucked to its new home at the splash pad at the City of DeBary’s Community Park, 137 S. Charles Richard Beall Blvd. (U.S. Highway 17-92). The dinosaur was greeted by excited kids, city staff and even a bystander dressed up as a dinosaur.

The dinosaur now begins the next leg of its life standing guard as kids enjoy the city park’s splash pad.

And, don’t worry, the City of DeBary confirmed the dino will continue to don seasonal outfits.



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