Editor, The Beacon:

As I begin this letter to the editor, I propose to you and your readers that every law that is passed is a legislation of morality.

Every law represents the decision of the people about how we will live as a group and as individuals within the group.

Thus, we hear our constitutions and our other legislation referred to as “the rule of law.” These laws are made and observed for the common good, reflecting justice for all parties involved.

Recently, I have read comments in your newspaper from citizens who have objected strenuously to the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision that was leaked to the public. These people claim that the woman alone must have the right to decide the fate of her unborn child. They insist that those who have been subjected to rape, incest, unstable finances, or lack of emotional support must have the option to terminate the pregnancy.

If this is your stance, I challenge you to check out YouTube videos of adults who were the product of rape to see if they think their lives should have been snuffed out prior to birth. You may be surprised at how passionately they value their lives!

If you say to yourself, however, that if these rape victims had been aborted early enough, they would never have known, then I will ask you: What kind of human being are you?

If you claim that it is right to snuff out the life of another human being because he or she is too little to defend himself or herself, then you are a person who believes “might makes right.” You believe that raw power trumps the right to life of the weak and vulnerable, just as the Nazis did.

If you say that the happiness of the mother is worth more than the life of her child, then you are a hedonist who worships the happiness of the adult while condoning the torturous death of the child.

And, if you say that the unborn child is not a “person” until he or she is born, you ignore the truth that each unborn child has been a human being from the first moment of conception, whether you choose to use the word “person” or not.

Finally, if you ask me, “What right do you have to protect this child from murder, since he or she does not live inside your body?” I will ask you this: What right does any human being have to destroy an innocent human life?

The state cannot bestow a right it does not possess, for it is a lie to say that the murder of the unborn is protected by a “right to privacy.”

Murder in private is still murder, and it should never, ever be allowed.

Kathleen Mary Alford



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