Editor, The Beacon:

Donald John Trump, the individual who “led” the 45th administration of the United States of America, is a traitor. This is not a political opinion. It’s a fact.

Trump executed a coordinated strategy (a component of the effort was even given a name: “The Green Bay Sweep”) to undermine and overturn the will of the people.

We have a textbook case of treason. More perversely, that was not the only avenue pursued by this self-serving parasite.

Presidents do benefit from their position in the highest office of the land.

This is not anything that needs to be debated. They all do. However, the traitor DJT is not only the individual with the antidemocratic political will to attempt to retain power, but also a thief and grifter who bilked the U.S. taxpayer in as many ways as he could imagine and get away with. He elevated corruption to new heights.

There is a trail that is unlike anything that has ever been documented. It is historic.

In Florida, there are no Republican leaders. We have foot soldiers, followers, spineless cowards, and greedy, corrupt enablers. Our “senators” (in title, not in practice) Marco Rubio and Rick Scott betray their oath of office.

Their allegiance is to the traitor, not to democratic principles. They are beholden to demagoguery and their bank account, not their constituents.

Robert Wilson




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