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Navarro: ‘I’m not going anywhere’

Radio host Carlos Navarro announced June 28 that he would be dropping out of the race for DeLand City Commission Seat 5. The political newcomer’s departure leaves the contest for the seat with just two candidates.

Navarro, a host for Real Radio 104.1, said the campaign would have forced him to take two months off from work.

“After a lot of thought, I was really putting my company in a bind,” Navarro told The Beacon, “and they’ve been really supportive.”

Real Radio 104.1 is owned by the iHeartRadio broadcast network. The company’s standards would have necessitated Navarro taking too much time off from work during his campaign. Unfortunately for his City Commission bid, he said, that was time he couldn’t afford to not work, especially with two kids.

Navarro’s campaign funds totaled $500, with $450 coming from donations and just $50 from his own pockets. Going forward, he said, the goal is to harness the energy his brief campaign created into a force for positive change in the community. Then, in 2024, the sky’s the limit, he said.

“This was a little test, I had a lot of support,” Navarro said. “In two years, when I really get the lay of the land in DeLand, when I really need the people’s support, I think I’m going to come out like a rocket.”

He added, “I’m not going anywhere.”

Navarro’s withdrawal from the race leaves two candidates, incumbent Kevin Reid and another newcomer, Matt Johnson.

Johnson, a registered Libertarian, had $725 in campaign funds as of June 27. Of that total, Johnson contributed $500 of his own money. Reid, a registered Republican, has $2,650 in campaign funds, $2,000 of which he contributed to his own campaign.

Another $500 contribution to the Reid campaign came from former DeLand City Commissioner Jeff Hunter. Hunter had previously filed to run for DeLand City Commission Seat 4 but withdrew from the race June 17.


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