Editor, The Beacon:

I am a Florida Supreme Court-certified county mediator in my 14th year of doing pro bono mediations for the 7th Judicial Circuit.

I have had the opportunity to work with many fine judges. One of the judges I have the most respect for is Judge Wes Heidt.

It is a privilege to work with a judge who consistently demonstrates fairness and patience to all who enter his courtroom.

Judge Heidt is a man of honor and integrity, who knows and follows the law.

Keep Judge Heidt … a judge for all the right reasons.

Join me in voting for Wes Heidt, Volusia County Judge, Group 5, on Aug. 23.

Jodee Cook



  1. Besides being an appointed judge in civil case division that Heidt has no prior legal practice experience, a fine judge should not have created a news-worthy scandal just a few months into his appointed judgeship to release a non-bond child sex offender out of jail on bond:




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