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Editor, The Beacon:

I just saw where U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia, killed the climate bill. This bill would have given some acknowledgment to the fact that global scientists are saying that we are rapidly approaching an Earth-killing date. And Manchin and the fossil-fuel industry don’t care.

The Midwest is afire (can you imagine Death Valley today?). Drought is rampant! Europe is caught in a historic heat wave, and the Arctic seems to be melting. But, the GOP (Republicans) can’t see Armageddon because of the womb.

The nation and the world are in grave danger, and the most important issues to the GOP are abortion and the border. Cataclysmic danger and they dare to say there will be violence if they lose at the polls.

A recent writer (I suppose, with wringing hands) hoped for a calming voice to mitigate any possible violence, but that’s not the American way. The correct way is to meet the bully where he is and to let him know that votes, not threats, determine the winner.

Americans must know that a party that denies knowledge can only lead us to doom. Americans must see the historic climate changes occurring daily.

And, Americans must finally vote for their own best interests (an inhabitable Earth), rather than those of a rich cabal (GOP donors), whose motto seems to be “après moi, le déluge! We are leading y’all to perdition!”

Julius C. Bennett


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Raised in Miami Beach, Margie moved to DeLand after graduating from Florida State University. She has a master's degree in community mental-health counseling, and retired after 12 years in substance-abuse treatment. Having worked at the DeLand Sun News during the 1980s, Margie came to The Beacon in 2002 in search of a second career. She helps the reporters; compiles obituaries, the calendar of events and religion news; and deals with a mountain of emails each day. Margie is the proud Nana to two grandchildren, Sophia and Alex.


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