Editor, The Beacon:

What needs to be highlighted about the U.S. Supreme Court is the fact that these people who are ruling on the law are not smart. These are old animals who were indoctrinated with religion and capitalism. Their justifications are not based on logical arguments.

They serve up rationalized emotions set up on false premises. They live in a box, and they don’t know what the outside looks like.

They have a worldview that is completely contrary to the reality that the majority deal with. Their power and wealth insulate their ignorant arrogance. They are the monkeys that type Shakespeare. They are disconnected.

We have let sheer nonsense slide on the false premise that people have the right to think stupidly. People are brainwashed. You can’t fix that with logical arguments. They can’t wrap their heads around that. They have only won because of numbers, not intelligence.

Robert Wilson



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