Editor, The Beacon:

I endorse Andy Kelly for the Volusia County Council at-large seat. Andy will fight against sprawl development to protect our quality of life. Andy wants what we want — low taxes and the best possible public protection we can have, and he will always vote to protect and defend our precious natural resources.

Andy has experience as a former County Council member, along with 45 years as an accounting professional. He will be the voice for the hardworking common man we all deserve on the council.

Andy knows we must demand that our growth follow the approved comprehensive plan we have in place. He will never vote to allow destruction of wetlands, and will be a leader on day one.

I know personally that Andy Kelly is the only candidate for the Volusia County Council at-large seat with the experience necessary and the relationships needed to lead our county. Join me and vote for Andy Kelly.

Andy Ferrari


— Ferrari served on the West Volusia Hospital Authority 2012-20.


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