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Editor, The Beacon:

I had to read the front-page article of the July 14-20 Beacon over a couple of times to wrap my brain around how the malaise of current politics has spread its noxious tentacles into a system in which our children must spend their formative years.

How is it even possible for someone who perceives a seat on the School Board as an opportunity to engage in “spiritual warfare” to “save Western civilization”?

Amazingly, the circus surrounding the election of persons to care for our children’s schools has almost nothing to do with educational excellence.

My heart goes out to people who are trying to address the critical teacher shortage in our area. The president of the union representing most Volusia County teachers and support staff says the county is short 365 teachers.

I have personally been professionally involved in education from elementary through graduate school, as have many of my family and friends. For a time, I taught teachers who were pursuing Master of Education degrees.

I fear our plight will not be helped by the current climate. People who want to teach children have no interest in working in a system where those who have the task of oversight consider themselves to be conducting some kind of culture war.

Here’s a closing comment from a teacher up North who is seeking to relocate her family to warmer climes and was asked about the possibility of Florida … “Are you kidding me?”

My heart goes out to those who are responsible for recruitment of educational professionals for our schools.

John Jewell


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Raised in Miami Beach, Margie moved to DeLand after graduating from Florida State University. She has a master's degree in community mental-health counseling, and retired after 12 years in substance-abuse treatment. Having worked at the DeLand Sun News during the 1980s, Margie came to The Beacon in 2002 in search of a second career. She helps the reporters; compiles obituaries, the calendar of events and religion news; and deals with a mountain of emails each day. Margie is the proud Nana to two grandchildren, Sophia and Alex.


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