Editor, The Beacon:

Unless you live in a cave with absolutely no interaction with the outside world, you have got to be asking yourselves, “What on Earth is going on?” Everywhere you look, near and far, there are unsettling events, reactions to those events, and varying opinions of those reactions.

The phrase “Ignorance is bliss” is quaint and even appealing at this time, but has proved to be a large part of every problem we face.

In the case of those who seek to manipulate the masses for their own gain, as well as among the masses being manipulated, ignorance promotes falsehoods and the volatile actions based on those.

Individuals with narrow views and selfish desires can easily drive and be driven to extreme inconsiderate decisions that cannot sustain peaceful coexistence between ourselves and with our environment.

As for those who turn a blind eye or are too complacent, their ignorance and subsequent inaction allow the more motivated to succeed. It is at this point they wonder, “How did this happen?”

The evolution of governance, as in all systems, is going to support the most successful. Maintaining an orderly existence in a group as large and diverse as the human race is clearly no easy task. Over millennia, we have coalesced from diverse groups.

Also, over time, we have developed forms of governance that have fit each stage, with each form adapting to the size and characteristics of the population.

It is easier to make decisions when there are few of us, and also when we possess similar beliefs, then when the numbers get larger and the beliefs more dissimilar.

We are living within a collision of cultures. Our tolerance of that which is different is tested constantly. Additionally, living with change is challenging, especially to those who have adopted ideology that is unwavering, whose concepts of life are fixed.

Through recognition of our differences and knowing we all have similar essential needs, it is important to support leadership that does as well.

It is our responsibility to take the initiative to know who these people running for office are.

It is important to take the time to involve ourselves in the selection process. Vote. Our electoral officers have made this possible in most circumstances, despite the actions of some who wish to subvert our vote. The election offices can be contacted to help you through the process.

There is no reason to be ignorant of how to go about casting your ballot. Get motivated, because if the narrow-minded individuals who want to limit our ability to decide for ourselves what is right continue to masquerade as leaders, our lives will be anything but bliss.

Christopher Jordan



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