lake helen lake shade
SUMMER — Young people gather in the shade near the shore of Lake Helen Lake. PHOTO COURTESY CANDACE COLLINS

Editor, The Beacon:

On any given summer day, you can drive by the lake in downtown Lake Helen, and find a big pile of bicycles lying on the ground.

Next to all those bikes, a group of kids of all ages are hanging out, laughing and joking around with each other. Some are in the shade, chatting and listening to music, while others are taking a dip in the lake to escape the hot Florida days of summer.

To me, it is a refreshing walk back in time to days when things were less complicated. No one is fighting over petty differences, just kids being kids.

Lake Helen is known as The Gem of Florida for many reasons but not necessarily because of our younger generation. However, they are the next presidents and congressmen and congresswomen of the future of this great country.

I am very proud to be a part of such a great little town, that, in spite of the turmoil happening in the world, can still manage to Keep it Real.

God bless the parents who are still teaching their children the value of their growing-up years, their friends, and their ability to thrive no matter what. America is going to be just fine.

Candace Collins

Lake Helen


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