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Recovering from the disease of addiction can be stressful, at times painful, and a journey that won’t be completed in a day. But recovery is also something that no one should have to do alone — that’s why Foundations To Freedom is here to offer those suffering from addiction or substance abuse a place in DeLand where they can seek help. 

“We provide a safe, structured and supportive halfway house for those seeking to recover from addiction,” said Executive Director Katherine Russell. 

Founded in May 2021, Foundations To Freedom is a not-for-profit corporation offering sober living for all and wraparound care. While most sober-living houses only offer their clients a place to live and stay clean, Foundations To Freedom takes it a step further. “I’ve been in sober-living houses in the past,” said Katherine. “So I wanted to take everything that I saw that worked from those places and implement them here, and then take everything that I saw that didn’t work or wasn’t very efficient and improve upon it.”

Helping those suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, as well as women fleeing a domestic situation, the case management team at Foundations To Freedom creates a custom treatment plan for every individual who walks through their doors. “Whether it’s mental health counseling, substance abuse counseling, trauma counseling, hepatitis C and HIV treatment, health care, dental care, OBGYN care, child care, job placement, career assistance, or even assistance with getting a high-school diploma, we offer these services to every single resident that comes through here,” said Katherine.

Most of the staff who work at Foundations To Freedom are in long-term recovery themselves, which allows them to be able to meet the clients where they are and really help them navigate their life. “Most of the staff that work here have been exactly where their clients are,” said Katherine. “They are able to really help them navigate this process, and sustain long-term recovery for when they eventually leave us.”

In long-term recovery herself, Katherine slipped into the disease of addiction after getting into a horrible car accident in 2008, where her vehicle flipped nine times on the highway. Katherine was in a coma for 64 days, underwent multiple surgeries, and was in the hospital for four months. “When I got out of the hospital, they prescribed me very strong pain medication to help manage my pain, and I got addicted to that medication,” said Katherine. “I went from somebody who might have a drink once a year to someone who was very addicted to pain meds — and it took everything from me.”

After years of addiction, and with the help of NA meetings, step work, and outside resources, Katherine started to put the pieces of her life back together. “I know firsthand how difficult early recovery is and feels,” said Katherine. “That’s why I started Foundations To Freedom, to help anyone who wants to stop using and start that journey of recovery.”

Foundations To Freedom is currently made up of six houses, three of which are open with availability. They offer help to men and women over the age of 18, as well as women with children. The program has an individual weekly fee of $160, or $180 for women with children, and a one-time $40 admin fee. The price includes a six-to nine-month month stay, all services, and daily breakfast and dinner. All those seeking help must be able to pass a drug test prior to being admitted. 

Foundations To Freedom is located in DeLand at 339 E. New York Ave. Office hours are 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

To learn more about Foundations To Freedom or to seek help for yourself or a loved one, visit, or call 386-846-6992.





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