gus kostianis running for mayor of deltona

Looking to bring change and new leadership to his community, Gus Kostianis is running to become the next Mayor of Deltona.

“I’m seeking the office because I love Deltona and believe that the city deserves better leadership,” said Kostianis. “I understand what our residents need, because I am one. I’m raising a family here and want them to live in the type of community that puts focus on quality of life for its residents and family values.”

A resident of Deltona since 1997, Gus is originally from the Washington Heights area in New York City, New York, is a descendant of Greek immigrants, and is bilingual in both English and Greek (and is currently learning Spanish). Gus and his wife, Elizabeth, have two daughters, Katie (19) and Evie (8), and enjoy volunteering their time at local schools and charity events.

A graduate of Deltona High School and Seminole State College, where he studied economics, Gus is now in the financial sector working for a private bank. “I have 16 years of financial experience and have been involved in multilevel deals, am skilled and trained in negotiation, as well as wasteful spending,” said Kostianis. “That’s one of the things I plan on doing with the city — taking a look at the budget, and seeing where money is being wasted and could be saved.”

In addition to looking at the budget, Gus plans to bring more businesses to Deltona. “Our citizens need things to do here,” said Kostianis. “I will welcome businesses such as sit-down restaurants, shopping centers, offices, and entertainment. Our residents can stay within the city when looking for something to do with their families and make memories right here in Deltona.”

The largest city in Volusia County, with almost 100,000 residents, Deltona ranks No. 1 in terms of population in the county but 15th in individual income. “That’s something I’m going to go ahead and change,” said Kostianis. “I’ll ensure that we not only have well-paying jobs, but a significant increase in business investment. Frankly, we need more dollars and fewer dollar stores.”

A major supporter of first responders, Gus understands that in order to bring businesses to Deltona, those businesses must feel that it is a safe area to do business in. “I will make sure that our streets are safe and our residents understand that they have a mayor who cares,” said Kostianis. “We need to cultivate a culture of community and togetherness. This will be a city where people can raise a family and be proud to live in.”

A proud patriot, Gus plans to lead with integrity and honesty, and hopes to restore civility to Deltona’s city government. “I think that people have been divided lately,” said Kostianis, “not just in our local community but in America overall. Though there’s a big divide between ideologies right now, I think deep down we have more in common than sets us apart, and I plan on reaching across that aisle to listen to all residents.”

Looking to give Deltona a fresh start as well as preserve that community feel, Gus wants to give his family and every family in Deltona the best city possible. “I’m very big on a family-type community and building those roots here,” said Kostianis. “I think we can do it in Deltona; it’s just that we need a leader who not only has that vision but has the desire to create change.”

Cast your ballot for Gus Kostianis for Mayor of Deltona during the primary election on Tuesday, Aug. 23.

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  1. Fake ass article from a fake ass candidate who is running under a nickname but donates to his own campaign in his real name. Pathetic. Road signs with no disclosures put up illegally all over Deltona like he is giving a giant kiss to his own ass. Can’t follow rules running, why the hell would anyone vote for this clown?

    • Can someone give this guy a snicker bar…already showing must be running against him…or related to someone who is..anyone willing to help his community is alright in my book…good luck Gus..💯💙🙌✌️

  2. All I care about is the letter after his name is he a R or a d cause I won’t vote for anything that has a d after its name VOTE RED NO MATTER WHO


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