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Editor, The Beacon:

I’ve watched the news carefully these past few years and have come to some strong conclusions about voters. My impression is that people often vote on tradition (they’ll say something like “I’ve always voted Republican”).

Given the very recent tax breaks for the rich and relative crumbs for the rest of us, I don’t think the GOP (Republicans) cares for most of us till election time.

President Joe Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act into law, and the GOP (Republicans) opposed it, even though it was in line with the constitutional imperative of promoting the general welfare.

Immediately after the Rescue Plan Act was approved, prices went up around the country (OPEC notwithstanding). Corporate greed was the prime motivator. “Oh! You’ve got money, you can pay more!”

Fires, floods, drought and melting poles are raging in the land, and the GOP (Republicans) votes against all efforts to fight man-made climate change. We have only one planet!

They refuse to help, and non-rich Volusians prefer the GOP (Republicans)? Obviously, some people are not voting in their own best interests.

The recent Jan. 6 committee hearings should have pointed out the perils of blind allegiance! Of not voting out of tradition! And of not watching what they do rather than what they say!

Given the disclosures of those hearings, are voters going to “wink” while joining in with the dissolution of democracy? American freedom is in danger! The planet’s health is in serious danger! Which party deserves my vote?

Julius Bennett



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