new roundabout deland victoria park
New Roundabout at Victoria Park and Dr. Martin Luther King Beltway.

Editor, The Beacon:

The Florida Department of Transportation and Volusia County should be commended for the conversion in West Volusia, at the busy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Beltway and Orange Camp Road intersection, from traffic signal-controls to a roundabout.

The improvement to traffic flow and decreased time sitting at the former traffic light are dramatic.

For those who may be anxious using roundabouts, a few minutes spent on YouTube may help lessen concerns.

I must question, however, FDOT’s commitment to roundabouts and their undeniable benefit due to the recent and current addition of four new traffic signals at intersections within approximately a mile of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Beltway/Orange Camp Road intersection.

Sadly, it seems to be one step forward and four steps backward, and a shame that roundabouts are not constructed rather than installing yet another traffic signal.

Paul Marocchi



  1. This is not an FDOT project. It is a Volusia County project. Both Orange Camp Road and MLK Jr. are county roads.


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