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Looking to become a voice for his community and fight for the rights of DeLand residents, Matthew Johnson is running to become DeLand’s next Seat 5 city commissioner. 

“The most important thing I want to accomplish is to be a voice for the voters,” said Johnson. “I understand how important the voices of the constituents are, and I think the people of DeLand deserve someone who will actually represent them.”

Tired of seeing the same career politicians holding seats, but not enacting change, Matthew knew it was time to step up. “What I’ve learned from attending DeLand City Commission meetings and Volusia County School Board meetings, is that our elected officials don’t listen,” said Johnson. “They don’t listen to what the people they are supposed to represent are saying. So the only way to stand up for the rights of the people is to fight it from the inside.”

If elected, Matthew will always protect the rights of all DeLand residents and oppose laws that seek to control people’s personal choices. “I believe in equality, equal rights and justice for all no matter a person’s place of birth, skin color, or their family dynamic,” said Johnson. “With the state of the country, home rule would put the power in the hands of your local politicians — allowing people like me to stand in the way of rights being stripped from our LGBTQ+ and minority communities.”

In addition to protecting the rights of the people, Matthew also plans to address DeLand’s overdevelopment and homeless situation. “I have watched as the things that make DeLand special get wiped away in favor of overdevelopment, with housing that is unattainable for most people who live and work in DeLand,” said Johnson. “We need to focus on affordable housing for our homeless community and the residents of DeLand who are living here and struggling.”

Born in West Virginia but raised here in Florida, Matthew fell in love with DeLand after meeting his wife, Beth, who was raised here. Now raising a family in his wife’s childhood home, Matthew, Beth and their 6-year-old son, Gabriel, enjoy DeLand’s small-town feel and everything it has to offer. “I love the way the Downtown community is, with its diverse rich culture,” said Johnson. “If elected, I would work to preserve and maintain that small-town charm.”

Matthew is a former business owner, currently works in online marketing, and has a degree in IT and web development. He is a past member of the West Volusia Regional Chamber of Commerce, where he served as the Marketing Committee chair, and has been politically active since 2016. 

“I’m not a career politician, but a regular citizen of DeLand,” said Johnson. “I think I would be a fresh set of eyes who sees the problems that the people of DeLand see. I would look at things logically and critically, which is what I do for a living, and make my decisions based on what’s best for the people of DeLand, rather than just being a yes vote to appease the group.”

Learn more about Matthew Johnson by visiting, or call 386-968-2497.

Cast your ballot for Matthew Johnson for City Commissioner Seat 5 during the Tuesday, Aug. 23, election.


– Political advertisement paid for and approved by Matthew Johnson for DeLand City Commission Seat 5


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