28 percent voted volusia county
PLENTY OF CHOICES — Signs beckon voters to the Elections Office in DeLand. Only about 28 percent responded. BEACON PHOTO/MARSHA MCLAUGHLIN

Editor, The Beacon:

Thank you to all my supporters for believing in me, our issues, and our vision for DeLand. I want to thank you for your votes.

I also want everyone to know that voting is so important, and this election is proof.

We all say and hear that voting is important before elections, and we always hope and believe that there will be a large turnout of voters interested in maintaining our democracy.

Then when it does not materialize, we allow for excuses like “Oh, this was just a midterm election, and we didn’t expect a large turnout.” How is this an accepted reason when we are determining the future of DeLand?

In this election of Aug. 23, there were approximately 25,000 registered voters in the city of DeLand, and only about 8,000 showed up to vote. We should all be disappointed that so few voters chose to have a say in the future of our city.

During the long campaign, I spoke to many, many city voters who voiced strong opinions asking for a change of the current direction the city is taking — many more than the numbers who showed up to vote.

That is perhaps my biggest disappointment in this election. We live in a free country where we have a right to vote, and when we do not exercise that right, for whatever reason, we risk the freedom we enjoy, and the right to change directions.

Lastly, if we expect improvements, changes for the better, and elected officials who walk the walk and fulfill our demands for leadership, wouldn’t it be nice to see elections where the voters came out and voted?

Buz Nesbit


Editor’s note: Nesbit was a candidate for mayor of DeLand in the Aug. 23 election. The outcome of that race is a Tuesday, Nov. 8, runoff between two other mayoral candidates: Chris Cloudman and Reggie Williams. Mark your calendar now to vote in that race, city of DeLand residents!


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