A 69-year-old man ordered $8 worth of food July 20 in the drive-thru at a hamburger chain restaurant in DeLand.

A restaurant employee told him to drive around to the front of the eatery and wait for someone to bring him his food.

After he’d waited about 50 minutes, the customer, who uses a walker because he has limited use of his legs, entered the restaurant and commented, “I can’t believe it’s taking this long for my food.”

An employee told the customer someone would bring him what he ordered.

The customer returned to his car and waited another five minutes before a restaurant worker finally headed to his car carrying his meal. Now quite irate, the customer yelled and cursed at the restaurant worker.

The employee responded, “Here is your f*****g food” and “tossed [the customer’s] food inside his vehicle while the driver’s side door was open.”

In response, the customer threw a soft drink in a cup at the employee.

Finally, the Enraged Employee walked to the customer’s car and “began to hit [him] as he was sitting in his car while his door was open.” Enraged Employee reached into the customer’s car, “striking [the customer] on the bottom right side of his face causing a black and blue mark.”

The customer tried to protect himself with his left hand, and a watch that Enraged Employee was wearing struck the customer’s hand, “causing a laceration to [his] left hand, leaving a black and blue mark.”

A report was sent to the Department of Children and Families, which gives the strong suggestion that the employee who committed assault and battery was under the age of 18. But the investigation is continuing, and charges may be filed.

— By Keith Allen, based on local police-agency reports. If you have information about a crime, call Crime Stoppers, 1-888-277-TIPS.



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