The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice has announced Project Anchor, a new workforce education and credentialing program for DJJ youth.

“The futures of Florida’s most vulnerable students are now being prioritized more than ever before,” said Department of Juvenile Justice Secretary Eric Hall. “We’re providing our students with the education and skills they need to be successful in their careers, as they begin the new chapter of their lives in becoming great citizens.”

Project Anchor will deliver workforce education services to DJJ youth who are residing in juvenile residential programs throughout Florida. Project Anchor will initially provide workforce training opportunities in three main areas of study at the following programs: construction and manufacturing at Everglades Youth Academy; hospitality and retail management at Walton Academy for Growth and Change; and information technology at Duval Academy.

In addition, career navigators will assist youth who have transitioned to the community to enroll in a postsecondary option, to further their academic careers and place them on a path to a successful career. Each youth entering Project Anchor will be assigned a career navigator and a success coach who will work with the youth’s transitional services manager, to create a success plan, which is based on the youth’s current GED/diploma status and their academic and career interests.

Compiled by Interim Business Editor Tory Brown


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