Editor, The Beacon:

I understood the scientists to say that Florida would be underwater if that glacier in Antarctica ever splits. If true, I’d think that the news would be dominated by efforts to build a sea wall or some other measure to protect the public. At least, there’d be some discussion of bread-and-butter issues to compete for the public’s attention.

But, all I’ve seen is our politicians citing cultural issues and jockeying for political advantage. Neither of which addresses the central concern of most citizens: Where are we going to live after we’ve made Earth uninhabitable?

There’s got to be a shift in our focus! We’ve got to stop electing people who do nothing to stop our rapidly increasing slide to Armageddon.

Our governor is encouraging book-burning and -banning programs to thwart the evils of critical thinking, instead of heeding the scientists’ call for protection from the sea.

A major source of food from the ocean is threatened by the little pieces of plastic found in our sea animals. But, DeSantis sees critical race theory as a greater threat to Florida, so guess where that infrastructure money will go.

Vice President Al Gore warned us about the floods, the droughts, and the sky “fire balls.” We did not listen! We continued to elect those who denied and who made us feel good. DeSantis won his seat by about 0.4 percent.

I don’t know where he and his fellow GOP (Republicans) will live after they’ve contributed mightily to Earth’s destruction, but options for the rest of us are limited.

The signs of Earth’s demise are apparent to all whose vision has not been occluded by pure, unadulterated greed. We must go to the polls! We must make our voices heard! We must vote the traitorous climate-change-denying asses out of power. Think about it: 0.4 percent!

Julius C. Bennett



  1. Gore still has his monster houses and still flies in a private jet. If he believe the clap trap coming out of his mouth he would change his life style instead of making me change mine. Are you old enough to remember when the next ice age was predicted by these so called scientist? I was and I don’t trust anyone who is living off government grants.


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