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Reggie Williams

Editor, The Beacon:

I chose to work for Reggie Williams because he truly listens to the community, and is open to learning more.

As a college student, it is important for me to know that candidates and elected officials know their constituents’ needs. Being on Reggie’s campaign for DeLand mayor has made me feel as though my voice is heard and my opinions matter.

He is an excellent leader, and wants to ensure the best for the DeLand community.

I have full confidence that he will do what’s best for the marginalized communities of DeLand so that they are seen and their needs can be met.

Reggie is passionate about the issues that matter to the youth of DeLand, as well, such as protecting the environment and affordable housing.

Working with him, I have seen how passionate he is about helping and supporting his community and representing the people he serves.

He is the candidate who will move DeLand forward and who will allow us to excel as a community. He also has the experience in government to get different offices and entities to work together so that things can actually move forward.

At the end of the day, Reggie Williams is the best candidate for DeLand mayor. He is one of us, he is the voice of experience, and he has the vision for tomorrow.

Victoria Ramón


— Ramón, a Stetson University student, is a field director for the Reggie Williams for Mayor campaign.


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