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Nearly a dozen dogs are in need of a safe and loving home after they were found to be living in deplorable conditions at a private animal rescue facility in Osteen.

A concerned citizen reported the conditions earlier this week at Wet Nose Big Heart Animal Rescue on Reed Ellis Road, including a dead dog and other live animals suffering from obvious neglect. Volusia County Animal Services along with assistance from the Volusia Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at the facility on Tuesday, prompting the seizure of 13 dogs, four ducks and a horse. Officials also removed the dead dog from the property.

Animal Services’ veterinary team is providing medical treatment to the animals, while a criminal investigation is ongoing. The horse and ducks have been adopted, but most of the seized dogs are still in need of homes.

“While the criminal investigation is going through the process, our immediate concern is finding good homes for the dogs,” said Volusia County Animal Services Director Adam Leath. “Some are ready for adoption, while others are in need of foster care until permanent arrangements can be made. These animals have been living in awful conditions and are in need of a stable, loving environment.”

Investigators who responded to the scene on Tuesday discovered animals living in unsafe and unsanitary conditions, with no access to food, water or shelter. The animals exhibited signs of neglect and suffering from various medical issues, and many of them are being treated for internal parasites, flea infestation, nutritional deficiency, dental disease and various infections. In addition to the needed medical care, the animals are also undergoing vaccination, microchipping and sterilization.

The investigation is continuing and is likely to result in the filing of criminal charges. The rescue facility has surrendered ownership of the animals to the county. Anyone interested in adopting or fostering one of the dogs should call Volusia County Animal Services at 386-248-1790 and press option 2 or visit Animal Services at 1250 Indian Lake Road, Daytona Beach.

“These animals have been through so much,” said Leath. “They need a warm, safe place to call home.”

Two of the dogs rescued from the Osteen rescue facility.


  1. I worked at this rescue which looked nothing like this less then 6 months ago I know most of the old timer dogs the ones that may not be ready for adoptions most of them have some screws loose but this .is heartbreaking and devastating … If help is. Needed or if help is needed or any information from first hand experience with these dogs I am here to help and give some info

  2. This is Horrible, Sickening, and SO SAD!!!! I have alot to say however I will wait untill I’m asked. Again this is so heart breaking. Things went on here that should’ve never went on or happened😥

  3. They stole my dog and never got back to me please let me know if the dead dog was a brown pitbull 😭 we brought him food every week and he looked like he was not being fed at all. Please 🙏 reply

  4. I have their numbers they blocked me but I have both of their numbers and a picture of the two ladies they said they were moving to Sanford


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