deland roundabout
OPENING DAY — The roundabout at Orange Camp Road and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Beltway is shown from the sky on opening day in April. Another roundabout is planned where the beltway intersects with New York Avenue. DRONE PHOTO/TED BEILER, PIGEONSVIEW PHOTOGRAPHY

Editor’s note: This is a sampling of more than 150 comments left by readers when The Beacon asked, on social media, what folks thought of the new roundabout at Orange Camp Road and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Beltway. 


I love it, and I think the idea of roundabouts is brilliant, and I’m glad that our city is embracing them.

I did just have an interesting scenario play out, though. You know how the roundabout is two lanes? And if you’re in the inner lane closer to the center, then you have to yield to a car that’s on the outer lane, because the car on the outer lane has the right of way to either drive straight and stay on the roundabout or to turn and exit the roundabout.

Well, I was needing to stay on the roundabout, but the car on the inner lane wanted to exit and almost plowed into me, and would have, had I not reacted quickly by turning to exit the roundabout. I narrowly was able to dodge the accident.

I almost wonder if there should be a red “YIELD” image painted on the inner lane?


Circles work, but people driving the circles do not. They do not know how to use them. Had a pickup pull out right in front of me while I was in the outside lane of the circle. And I was driving when there was hardly any other traffic.

I am wondering why there are two traffic lights so close to the circle? Does that back up traffic? And the confusing and quick lane changes coming out of the circle on Orange Camp Road? Kinda defeats the purpose!


It’s horrible. Especially the two-lane exit onto Orange Camp Road that goes into a merge lane with a bike lane. Not to mention the red lights being installed so close to it. Why have a roundabout just to have red lights so close?


I was skeptical at first, but now I’m a believer. The traffic is so much better now. As long as you know the proper way to yield, it’s easy.


I really like the roundabout. The clueless drivers are a whole other story!


It’s awful. No one knows how to use it. I almost got side-swiped by a DeLand fire engine because they didn’t even yield! It’s a hot mess!


I am glad you are asking about the roundabout!

I’m finding the Orange Camp Road roundabout to be really dangerous. Both my spouse and I have experienced near-accidents. My very careful bestie was sideswiped. Those coming in are not yielding to oncoming cars already in the roundabout.

I am super-careful going through this, but too many careless, ignorant, in-a-hurry drivers have made this roundabout a 3-D Russian roulette game.

Be careful. Only you can keep yourself safe, because you cannot count on the other drivers entering the roundabout to wait and yield!

I am 100-percent opposed to any roundabout on State Road 44. I hope that idea has been or will be scuttled! This two-lane layout is awful!


If you’re in the outside lane, stay on the outside, or vice versa for the inside of the roundabout — stay in your lane. Quit trying to force a merge because of your ignorance or impatience.

Other than that, easy peesy. I really don’t know what the fuss is about.

If you can’t handle a roundabout, quit driving. Get a bus pass or an Uber


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