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Reggie Williams

Editor, The Beacon:

DeLand has long been blessed with mature, stable and thoughtful leadership in the office of the mayor. I believe Reggie Williams is the right person to continue that important tradition.

I met Mr. Williams 26 years ago when he directed the County of Volusia’s Human Services Division. I was impressed by his compassion for those he served, his knowledge of governance, and his ability to forge positive relationships.

I continued to interact with Reggie as he moved on to lead the Florida Department of Children and Families regional district, and then worked with him for several years at a national foster-care organization. His calm, steady and unbiased demeanor in times of change were the hallmarks of a genuine leader.

In addition to his successful career, Reggie has led many important community initiatives. These include his current chairmanship of DeLand’s African American Museum of the Arts and his active participation on the board of Community Partnership for Children.

Reggie’s platform of smart growth and fairness should resonate with all of us. I especially like his commitment to ensuring that as DeLand grows, so will the amenities (parks, recreational and entertainment opportunities, etc.).

I am confident that as mayor, Reggie Williams will have no hidden agendas nor any ambitions beyond serving the people of our city.

Greg Milliken



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