Editor, The Beacon:

As a resident of DeLand who lives Downtown, I’d like to point out to those of you who don’t live Downtown but who complained about DeLand Police Department officers spending time at the Downtown 7-Eleven, how you’ve made my life more dangerous.

I was able to walk to the only 24-hour store without worry. I should be able to walk my city’s Downtown sidewalks at night. I typically knew there was always an officer nearby whenever I did.

But now, because of people complaining about police presence, there is no police presence. Now I have no way of knowing where help is.

I never see police Downtown because of people who don’t live Downtown complaining that the police were not doing their job. What job do you people think they’re supposed to be doing?

I think they should be where people are. People are at the only 24-hour businesses Downtown, the 7-Eleven and the Downtown Marriott.

That’s where people are to be protected. That’s where Stetson students stop in as a halfway point between dorms and Downtown spots. That’s where visiting families, businesspeople and tourists are. That’s where I am when I realize at 2:30 a.m. I forgot to buy soda and snacks. That’s where hotel employees and clerks are working.

That’s where a police officer should be, also.

Brian Tarver




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