Historical figures of West Volusia’s past came back to life during the 33rd annual Historical Walk at the Oakdale Cemetery on Oct. 7 and 8.

Hosted by the West Volusia Historical Society, tour guides led groups around the cemetery to visit 10 prominent figures that took part in the development of DeLand.

These notable figures were; Hettie Shively Austin (portrayed by Cheryl Floyd), William J. Dreggors, Jr. (portrayed by Eli Witek), Elizabeth McArthur Durant (portrayed by Delicia Bent), Alma Richardson Farriss (portrayed by Nancy Prosser-Marshall), Charles S. Farriss (portrayed by Ted Wendler), Lue Gim Gong (portrayed by Sonny DuVong), Minerva Bond Long (portrayed by Caryn Long), G. Medwin Peek (portrayed by Stanton O’Neal), Elizabeth Shindler Stetson (portrayed by Sally Daykin), and James W. Wright (portrayed by Vernon Burton).

These courageous and enterprising men and women of the past regaled their audiences with stories of the development of DeLand, Lake Helen, notable buildings, and more. “It’s funny, the past we’re surrounded by it, monuments of the past,” said William J. Dreggors, Jr. (portrayed by Eli Witek). “This graveyard is full of those who walked a path for a better and brighter future for the town and the community, some of whom you’ll meet tonight.”


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