Reggie Williams

Editor, The Beacon:
Having worked with Reggie Williams for many years at Volusia County government, I know him to be an honest and decent person. I believe his vast and varied government experience and his DeLand roots make him the best candidate for mayor of this city.
In this time of fractured politics, I believe Reggie has the temperament to listen respectfully and with tolerance to all sides of an issue. I believe he will bring dignity to the dais.
He understands the role of the commission as policymakers and the staff as implementers of policy.
I support Reggie Williams for the next DeLand mayor, and I urge you to vote for him as well.
Dave Byron


  1. Even though a citizen wrote the letter, the headline creates the impression that The Beacon is endorsing Mr. Williams. This is unfair in the opinion of a Cloudman supporter. I believe Chris Cloudman has the experience locally, regionally and statewide to be the next mayor of DeLand.

  2. Dear Carol;
    Given how all of the endorsements for the array of candidates have been titled by The Beacon, I disagree that this gives an impression that The Beacon supports Reggie Williams.
    I also disagree that Chris Cloudman has the experience to be the next Mayor of DeLand–just read his comments in the article in this issue of The Beacon on replacing the Bank of America building with a large-scale apartment complex that will forever change Historic Downtown DeLand. Cloudman voted to raid the slum and blight alleviation Trust Fund of the CRA to provide $9.5 million of taxpayer money to “incentivize” the developer.


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