Editor, The Beacon:
Using hydrogen as a vehicle fuel would require retrofitting an existing internal-combustion engine. A hydrogen-capable fuel tank, fittings, and delivery system would need to be installed. An entire industry employing many people will be created.
When Arnold Schwar-zenegger was California’s governor, there was a TV news program with him showcasing a hydrogen refilling station. I never saw any more about it after that. I wonder if Shell, BP or Exxon Mobil had any influence in the disappearance of that endeavor.
Hydrogen is making a comeback in California. Much research is being done to encourage expansion of the program, taking the stress off of the electrical production system.
Tom Walker
DeLeon Springs


  1. You will need a platinum scrubber…an electro based catalyst. It separates the water into hydrogen, used as the combustion agent, and water, which is the by-product. You also need a combustion chamber capable of containing small hydrogen explosions. But, it is an excellent alternative to fossil fuel combustion engines,


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