Editor, The Beacon:
I have read the letters of support for both candidates for mayor of DeLand — the general comments and the specific comments.
I found “Reggie Williams has the experience we need,” and “Reggie has a plan for growth” compelling, and I write to add my name to those writing in support of Reggie Williams for mayor.
I have watched Chris Cloudman in action as a city commissioner, and I have attended meetings where each of the candidates spoke. I was invited to a neighborhood meeting to listen to Reggie Williams, and I had the chance to ask a series of questions and get specific information about his work experience and his qualifications to serve as our mayor.
I also know how much DeLand residents desire change and aggressive action to manage growth and development.
Simply playing musical chairs with the seats on the dais will not get us where we need to go. That is not change.
Reggie Williams is the qualified new face that will best move DeLand in the right direction.
Frank Schnidman


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