Editor, The Beacon:
There is a false narrative being floated by the media. The narrative is that Republicans are focused on crime and economic issues, while Democrats are focusing on social issues like abortion, climate change, gun control, police reform, gender issues, civil rights and even democracy. The dichotomy is false. All these issues are both economic and social.
Look at Russia and China if you don’t think democracy is an economic issue. Gender issues certainly are. Being forced to give birth, then feed, clothe and educate the offspring is economic. Global warming and pollution have extreme economic consequences for generations
to come.
On the other side, we have crime and inflation. Republicans merely complain they exist. No realistic proposals on how to deal with them. Why? Because to do so would drag in social issues. Issues like the impact of extreme inequality and how to deal with it. Minimum wages? Fair tax plans? No, just point to the price on the gas pump.
As for crime, what reforms do police departments need to improve efficacy and fairness? And what about corporate and white-collar crime? Why do they get lighter sentences than blue-collar crimes that cause less damage?
All issues are both economic and social. They impact our economic welfare, and their solutions are based on which principles we choose
to live by.
Sam Sloss


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